Mushrooms Noodles

seve 2




5 medium Shiitake mushrooms

1 ½ large Oyster mushrooms

6 Bruxelles Sprouts

1 bunch Beansprouts

½ – ¾ Leek (depending on the size)

400 g pre-steamed white Rice Noodles fettuccine

30g Sesame Seeds

50g Semi-Firm Tofu

1 tin TRS Coconut Milk

Light Soy Sauce

25g Cashew nuts

5g Almonds

¼ bunch of fresh parsley

ground White Pepper

ground Black Pepper

Chilli flakes

ground Dried Garlic

Sunflower Oil or Peanut Oil



medium size Wok pan (18cm)

Chef Knife

Chopping Board

Blender or kitchen robot



Slice rawly the shiitake mushrooms, hand stripe the oyster mushrooms and cut them in half, slice thinly in half moon shape the leek, cut in half and slice thinly the bruxelles sprouts, chop thinly the parsley, cut in small cubes (0,5 cm) the tofu, ground the cashew and the almonds in a food processor or in a blender.


Pre heat the wok and lightly roast the sesame seeds and the ground nuts until light golden colour with a small drop of oil, remove them from the pan and clean it.
Pre heat 6-8 tablespoon of oil in the wok and fry the tofu cubes stirring them very gently to let them cook on all the sides until the colour is golden-brown, then take them out and remove the excess of oil with some kitchen paper; add the leek to the hot oil and stir fry it until golden colour, then add the shiitake, oyster mushrooms and the bruxelles sprouts, add generously some soy sauce and sauté all together until slightly tender (don’t overcook them because they should be a little bit crunchy), add the spices, the ground garlic and a couple pinch of salt, cook for a couple minutes and then add the coconut milk, cook for another minute and then add the noodles* and sauté all together for another 1 ½ minute and then serve it.

* (if you have the dried ones you should pre cook them with steam for 2 minutes or in boiling water for 1 minute or less depending, consider that they should very lightly cooked because they will finish to cook in the sauce and they cook very fast)


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